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Glass wool insulation materials

Centrifugal glass wool is silk-like material made by fiberizing melted glass and then coating with thermosetting resin through centrifugal blowing process .By means of thermal setting ,this material can be further processed into series of products for multi-purpose uses ,such as glass wool board、blanket、Fiber glass air-conditioning duct、 air-conditioning board、Refractory glass wool and so on. It features numerous advantages; it is noncombustible ,nontoxic and resistant to corrosion ;it has low weight by volume ,low thermal conductivity ,stable chemical property ,low moisture rate and good hydrophobicity .It is widely recognized as the heat-preservation ,thermal insulation and sound absorption material with excellent performances .The board ,batt and pipe products made of this material have been used in heat preservation ,thermal insulation and sound absorption in construction ,chemical industry ,electronic industry , electric power , metallurgy , energy industry and communication ,presenting very good result .

Huamei glass wool with high quality was named as the product with provincial famous brand by provincial quality and technical supervision department, and was designated as the national power industry product. Huamei glass wool are well sold throughout China and have been exported to Europe ,USA ,Russia ,Japan ,Australia ,Southeast Asian countries by its unique performance advantages and reasonable price .The obtaining of CE certification indicates that each index of Huamei glass wool has been compliance with EU standards ,so that the products enjoy the free fow in the EU market.



Heat-insulation and heat-preservation, sound adsorption and noise reduction

Huamei glass wool has low slag ball content, thin and long inner fiber, so it can stop air flowing and heat transforming, and meanwhile it can reduce the transportation of sound quickly and reduce the thermal conductivity, so as to produce effects of insulation and sound-absorption.

Thermal stability

Huamei glass wool has such perfect performance as high temperature heat-stability, durability, high temperature shrinkage resistance. Within the range of recommended temperature and under normal condition which can keep stable and high efficiency for a long time.


Damp-proof property

Hydrophobicity is a kind of ability for materials water permeability resistance; with the hydrophobicity are not less than 98%, so it has the sustained and stable insulating performance.


Fire-proof performance

Glass wool , according to the European standard EN13162:2001/AC: 2005 and the GB8624-2006 standard.



Huamei glass wool doesn’t contain rock wool and doesn’t grow the mould .It also doesn’t supply the condition of growth of microorganism ,so it is pointed as the environment friendly product by the National construct material Test centre.


Product technical index


Index of glass wool without foil-clad

Item Unit Index Standard
Density Kg/m3 10-100 GB/T 5480.3-1985
Average fiber dia μ m 5.5 GB/T 5480.4-1985
Water content % ≤1 GB/T 3007-1982
Grade of combustibility   Non-combustible Grade A1 GB 8624-1997
Reshrinking temp. ≥250 GB/T 11835-1988
Thermal conductibility w/m·k 0.038-0.06 GB/T 10294-1988
Hydrophobicity % ≥98.2 GB/T 10299-1988
Moisture rate % ≤5 GB/T 16401-1986
Sound absorption coefficient   1.03 product reverberation method
24kg/m3 2000HZ
Slag inclusion content % ≤0.3 GB/T 5480.5


product specification and type

Product Length (mm)) Width(Diameter)(mm) Thickness(mm) Density(kg/m3)
Boards 1200-2200 600-1200 20-100 24-96
Blanket 11000,20000 1200 25-150 12,16,20,24,32,40,48
Batts 1160-1200 410-610 100-200 10-48
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