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  About Huamei

Huamei Group Langfang Electric Resin Co., LTD. is backbone enterprises of ion exchange resin in domestic production, a member unit of China Boiler Water Treatment Association, ion exchange resin products in the electric power system with net access , an ion exchange resin producer recommended in China , a scientific and technology -based enterprise of Hebei Province . Huamei ion exchange resins mainly include more than 40 kinds of generic and special strong -acid , strong -alkali, and weak - acid, weak - alkali resin products with an annual output of 8,000 tons,. Its strengths are even granule , high mechanical strength, high exchanging capacity, fast exchanging speed, long lifespan, etc . It was widely used in power , petrochemical, metallurgy industries, and areas like sugar -fluid decoloration medical extraction , food and beverage processing, sewage treatment .

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