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Identify Certificate for Green Building Materials Assessment


No. 3100000000220161101132

Product name:  Heat insulating material

Evaluation basis:  Assessment Guidelines for Green Building                                                                                                              Materials (trial) The First Edition

Applicant:  Huamei Energy-saving Technology Group Co.,Ltd.

Address:  Liugezhuang Development Zone Dacheng Country Hebei  Province

Factory:  Huamei Energy-saving Technology Group Co.,Ltd.

Address:  Liugezhuang Development Zone Dacheng Country Hebei  Province

Name and model: Refer to appendix

Grade: Three-star

Date of issue: Dec 25, 2016  Valid period: Dec 24, 2019

Rating agencies: Beijing Guojian Lianxin Certification Center

Assessment office supervision for Green Building Materials







November 25, Huamei Energy Saving Technology Group Co., Ltd. won the national three-star Identify Certificate for Green Building Materials Assessment. At present, there are six insulation materials enterprises obtain three-star Identify Certificate for Green Building Materials Assessment in China. Huamei Energy-saving Technology Group Co., Ltd. is the first and only one rubber foam and glass wool insulation materials business to obtain this honor.


Green building materials refers to a kind of building materials which can reduce the consumption of natural resources and reduce the impact on the ecological environment during the whole life cycle, with the characteristics of energy saving, emission reduction, safety, convenience and recyclable.


Huamei rubber foam insulation board has a low thermal conductivity, completely closed-cell structure, good adiabatic effect; not pumping water, not easy to burn, do not condensation, long service life; no formaldehyde, without CFC and other ozone-depleting substances, smooth surface and not easy to gather duct, no smell, can achieve environmental friendly and energy saving effect and will not cause pollution to the room.


Centrifugal glass wool is silk-like material made by fiberizing melted glass and then coating with thermosetting resin through centrifugal blowing process. By means of thermal setting, this material can be further processed into series for multi-purpose uses, such as glass wool board blanket, fiberglass air-conditioner duct, air-conditioning board, refractory glass wool and so on.It has numerous advantages such as noncombustible, nontoxic and resistant to corrosion, and low weight by volume, low thermal conductivity, stable chemical property, low moisture rate and good hydrophobicity.


Huamei energy-saving thermal insulation material lead the industry innovation and development, in line with the concept of green energy conservation, stable insulation performance, while achieving fire protection requirements, in full compliance with the requirements of green building materials.

With the progressive society, the green development is put forward higher requirements. Developing green building materials, and gradually adjusting the industrial structure of building materials and changing the mode of development, has also been placed in an important position. Improving the efficiency of resource and energy and achieving sustainable development in today's society has more important meaning. Green building materials identification level based on technical requirements and evaluation results, from low to high, is divided into three levels: a star, two-star and three-star. "Huamei Energy-saving Technology Group Co., Ltd." is awarded a three-star Identify Certificate for Green Building Materials Assessment.


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