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Anti-fake right

Huamei Products Authenticity Query


Special Note: Dear customers, thank you for your support of Huamei Group and the trust of “ Huamei” brand, currently on the market there appeared fake “Huamei” brand rubber foam products, for protecting your right greatly, please adopt several recognition methods as following:

1. Huamei rubber foam insulation has become network access product of Chinese product quality electronic supervision web. Exclusive electronic supervision code for a piece produce is printed on the quality certificate of the package.Users can free inquire for truthfulness by calling /messaging 9500111 or logging on Chinese product quality electronic supervision web


2. “Huamei” Brand rubber foam sheet’ width have updated to 1.5 meters in March 11 ,2011. The surface of the product is printed with the company's trademark, commodity name and grade logo which are automatically completed by the production line. In addition, the board surface has three lines of identity, middle is in yellow, others are all in white, and pipe surface identity is all in white.


3. “Huamei” brand rubber foam outer package are printed company trade mark and name, the identification notes of product quality, relative description and product grade.


4. Market Department of Huamei Group provides assistance with your identification. Tel:0316-5790888/5791888


In order to maintain a good reputation and legitimate rights and interests of our customers, we try our best to combat the production and sale of counterfeit products, illegal manufacturers and distributor. We will reward the whistle blowers who provide clues and keep secret for whistle blowers. Tel: 0316-5888880

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